When it comes to fashion, I express myself through my outfits. It’s a combination of my personality and my mood for the day. Each part of a look represents an expression of my style and my personal emotion. For example, I woke up a few Sundays ago and knew this is the day I had to look good, I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to spend extra time with my skincare routine and my makeup. I also knew I would be wearing my favorite boots that day.
While i was getting ready my lovely 🙂 husband looked at me and said I looked beautiful. I smiled at him and said challenge accepted.  I have always had a thing about mixing men’s wear into my style. I went into his closet which I don’t normally do. I styled an outfit with his clothes and my favorite boots (i will be sharing this in a future post). 
I like to encourage the freedom of expression through style
 because you are not just wearing clothes. 
You are wearing how you feel and your personality. 
Whether it’s appreciated or not, 
you are still expressing yourself and your confidence. 

Today’s outfit is styled with a few trendy pieces. I am currently obsessed with slingback shoes, which I keep adding them to my shoe collections. I am wearing snake print trousers from Zara, a bucket bag from forever21 and since It’s a bit chilly here in Texas, I decided to pair the pants with a lace detailed black sweater from H&M.  

Styling this outfit I felt fierce, and strong because that day I had accomplished a lot. I woke up with a long to-do list for the day. Which started with cleaning, laundry, cooking breakfast, the list goes on. Beyond my expectations, I was able to finish my to-do list with check marks :).  I had lots of time to spare so I put this look together. 
The snake prints trousers represent my fierceness for the day which inspires me to be fearless. The black sweater with the lace detail and the sling back shoes made me feel soft and delicate, contrasting the boldness from the snake print trousers. 
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