From the whole team here at Wendy Maks we will like to extend our warmest thoughts and prayers to everyone that has been affected in some capacity during this global pandemic. To all struggling to perfectly execute those Tik Tok dance routines – we feel you, keep trying and don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s a small price to pay to be cool. To all the essential workers still providing services to the public at risk of exposure – thank you and God bless you. To all those that have lost jobs and sources of income or being furloughed and are currently under high stress – this will be over soon and you WILL rise back stronger. And finally to all that have lost someone to this in any shape or form – our condolences and may all affected souls rest in perfect peace. Please keep the faith.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

I “met up” with a couple of friends and family members to ask them a 2 folded question: what they are looking forward to the most after this is over and what they would want to be more intentional about once things are better and the economy is reopened? Below is the compilation of each response. Oh and by “met up” rest easy, we have been “quaranteaming” (I promise you it’s a thing, look it up) together from the start of the stay-at-home orders and we are no more than 10. However just to be safer, I assure you we followed CDC guidelines – Washed hands regularly (this has nothing to do with the flavored wings from wingstop) at least 6 feet apart again not due to the way the wings were arranged on the table and we cleaned the surfaces of…the dishes. Do paper towels count as face masks? No? Damn. 

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Don’t be complacent ~ Absolutely taking my wife on more dates and showering her with everything that she deserves and more. Covid has made me realize some of the ways I have been complacent in our relationship. I am very excited to get out there with her and travel more. And man f*ck all this ish about saving PTO for a raining day, naww fam. I’m going to use my PTO for friends, family and loved ones.

Pick up the phone and call more ~ wait what’s the question again? Oh, what am I going to be more intentional about after this is over? I got a reality check last week when a phone call came in from my mum informing me that my grandma had passed away. I literally sat in silence for an hour. It hurt. A lot. I definitely should have called them more. It sucks that I didn’t but then I realized that I had been praying to be able to see my grandparents and I’m just so glad and grateful I was able to do just that before my grandma passed. You don’t realize or appreciate what you have till it’s gone. I definitely will be calling my loved ones a lot more.

Friendships are important ~ I know family will be there for you and I’m grateful for that but this has made me appreciate friendships a LOT more. I used to flake on plans frequently but I just can’t imagine going through something like this alone, and not having anyone. I’m grateful for my husband but also grateful for friends as well, that one can call and check up with. I will never again take it for granted. I definitely am buzzing to experience life with each other a LOT more.

Pause and appreciate ~ I used to think if I can’t do something today, I’ll just take care of it tomorrow, no big deal. But this has made me really realize that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Once things open up I will definitely be more intentional about appreciating nature and really experiencing it. Take a pause and soak it all in. Not rushing through it but basking and admiring God’s beautiful creation.

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Create more memories ~ I need to have the right balance with my work and personal life. I want to create lasting memories, going to brunches, meeting new people and talking to them, pushing my social boundaries. I want to travel more even if it’s not on a plane. Road trips to Bread and Breakfast spots, wineries, or cabins. And more important is documenting and capturing all these memories. I cannot wait. No more excuses. Another thing is also the challenge of being better in the way I deal with my siblings and my parents, especially in moments of conflict. This quarantined period has opened my eyes to that.

Going back to school (hopefully) ~ unexpectedly being at home for 2 whole semesters has been long, very very long. Feels like I dropped out for a whole year. I love the fam but I can’t wait to be back on campus and being around my friends and the whole college vibes.I also want to be more intentional with consistency. Being @ home this long has helped me realize that I might not be appreciating the other aspects of life apart from my academics like shooting videos, learning other crafts and getting closer to God for sure!

Marshalls, farmers market (again) and window shopping? ~ I want to go to all the places listed above, even if it’s just seeing and meeting more people in a bunch of random locations and exploring things. Especially window shopping for, wait for it….kitchen gadgets. I also want to appreciate what I have more, especially the people around me. I also want to be intentional about spreading God’s love to everyone I meet.

Our time is limited ~ I have been blessed that my family, nuclear and extended have been safe during this period. The more I see the numbers on cumulative deaths even though I might not be directly affected, the more I realize that death could be someone’s mother, daughter, father, son, friend, coworker, grandparent etc. it is real to someone and it’s a loss. It got me thinking about how limited our time here is and how death can be unexpected. So I really want to stop taking myself too seriously and start appreciating life with reduced anxiety and stress. Focusing more on being grateful for what I have than what I don’t. And stop beating myself up for my past. We all make mistakes. It’s how we rise and learn that matters because we will not be here for forever.

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Congregations and helping the needy~ Because I’m a big big believer of the church which is the Body of Christ, I’m looking forward to churches been filled again as traditional worship returns to normal and more importantly, for people to build their faith strong using God’s Word as the pandemic has brought so much fear and panic. Personally, I plan to reach out  and donate to organizations who provide relief for those who have been majorly affected.

Building community and getting employed ~ So I’m soon to be a college graduate about to transition into the “work life”. What I’m looking forward to the most, I would say, is finding and building community wherever opportunity takes me. This involves meeting new people and building new friendships while exploring new interests. Once things start looking up economically, I’m definitely going to be prioritizing my job search! I’m actually excited to see all the new opportunities that open up for someone with my background post lockdown.

*** the above responses were modified from their original versions to adapt to the writing of this blog***

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