Been checking out the chunky sneakers trend for a while now. I knew I wanted to style these sneakers in an edgy, chic way but I was on the fence about this trend. Every single chunky sneaker I saw were too chunky for me and for a girl who wears size 10 shoes, it won’t be cute to wear shoes that will make my feet look extra-long. Then one fateful day, I was watching one of Patricia Bright’s, haul videos, where she tried on these Adidas falcons (She is a YouTuber and I follow her, she’s cool). I thought to myself, okay, I see you, looking good over there with your chunky self, but before we get all excited and all, I will try you on first and we will see if this is meant to be or not. I was pumped but a little apprehensive because I still wasn’t sure if it would look cute on me. 
Never the less a girl’s got to do what a girl has got to do. I wasn’t going to let a little uncertainty stop me from trying. So I went hunting for my own pair. I am eccentric and I always like trying something new. Side note; Always have an open mind, you never know what you might find or like until you try it. Plus it is a great way to discover new things about one’s self. Anyway, I was on a mission and my motivation was to own a pair of chunky sneakers, just right for me. I went to footlockers with my sister, Esomchi, on black Friday (Never, ever going to the mall on Black Friday, it was a nightmare). To cut the long story short guys after battling through bodies of shoppers and dozens of retailers I found the Adidas falcon and it was love at first try. It was like Cinderella and her lost shoe, like the final piece to a puzzle. I did my “Dappy dance” (Hopefully, maybe one day you guys will see it, be on the lookout on my IGTV). 
Pictures of all the outfits I would put together with the Falcons were flooding through my mind. I knew this was meant to be, because I saw our future, the Falcons and I and it was beautiful, lol. While I was still gushing over my Adidas falcon, I briefly noticed my sister, Esomchi was equally mesmerised by the Fila disruptor II. The store was busy and rowdy and there was a long line ahead of me so I quickly went ahead to make my purchase. While Esomchi and I were walking out of footlockers, she seemed a little off, I asked her what was wrong, she slowly looked at me and said, “I want those fila.” I knew the feeling she felt, I mean I just recently felt it with the Adidas Falcons. My big sister instincts kicked in. We walked back to footlockers, she tried on her on a pair of chunky sneakers and loved it. That tiny moment right there was worth getting back in the looooooong line again. 

For this look with my chunky sneaker. I paired a mom jeans from Zara with a striped sweater also from ZaraIt was a bit chilly outside so I added a grey plaid blazer to tie the look together. For my accessories, I added a shoulder bag from H&M, I love the strap on this bag, it’s wide and the color contrast adds a little pop of color to the outfit. I can’t wait to take you guys on a journey of style and swag with these chunky sneaks.

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So tell me are you guys for the chunky sneaker trend? Yeh or Nah? Let me know…

Remember to always own your originality and never be afraid to express yourself
Blazer: Zara
Top: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Adidas
Esomchi’ shoes: Fila Disruptor II
Bag: H&M
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