EXCITED!! I never looked forward to summer because, quite frankly, it’s always blazing hot over here in Texas, I am talking triple digit temperature. But for some reason this year, I am so pumped about the summer season AND most especially because of all the trends out there. I literally want to buy everything, wear everything, be outside and embrace my summer tan. This post is about all the summer shoe trends I am currently obsessed with…and you probably will soon be too.

Dad sandals: just like the heading, these remind me of the sandals my dad would wear growing up. Also in Nigerian culture men wear these shoes in different styles a lot with a pair of jeans or traditional attire, it’s pretty dapper. When I got my freshly ordered, straight from the mail pair of Dad sandals, I couldn’t hold my happiness. It’s like my feet knew immediately it arrived at my doorstep. My friend calls it, “stylish Jesus sandals” lol cue in heavenly music. Idk where that came from but it’s hilarious. I actually love how he describes my clothes sometimes, more on that later. So back to the post, why do I like this trend? Umm, let’s see,  because it’s chic and edgy. I love the way it gives my outfits a twist (I wish I had places to go though). These shoes can add some serious bite to a dress, pair of jeans or shorts. In my honest, humble and slightly partial opinion, it’s a pair of shoes that will go well with any outfit. 

Trekky sandalsthese styles of sandals remind me of the “kitto sandals” I used to wear in primary school (elementary) with a pair of socks. Man, I am going back memory lane with this trend. **quiet sobs** ok, I’m back now, just needed a moment.  I like these sandals for a casual effortless look. I especially love this pair I got from Arizona Love. They have so many cute colorful options which I would definitely be buying because you know, it’s summer.

Square toe sandalsyou can find this style in mules, sandals, and shoes. I think Bottega Veneta makes the edgiest square toe heels. To me this is a very unique style and again also definitely chic and edgy. It makes any outfit look more refined. 

Strappy sandalseveryone and their mum, maybe even their grandma owns a pair of strappy sandals by now. And if you don’t, then you need to get a pair. Seriously, do you even shop? Joking, only slightly though. I love the minimal look of strappy sandals. Just between the both of us I would have owned a lot by now but the out of this world unreal discipline I have had to practice just in holding myself back from buying every single cute pair I see is indeed something. I also love the kitten heel style for these sandals, they are so comfortable and Tunde obviously loves it cause it doesn’t make me look too tall. 

Thong sandalsthis is like a cool flip flop. I recently got a pair from mango and they are ice cold – not in temperature but like in style. I am such a sucker for edgy shoes. I love that they can be paired with anything for an easy breezy chilling look.


Shirt: Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt , similar

Shorts: thrifted

Bag: Zara, similar

Sandals: &other stories

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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