“Happy new month guys. I hope you are doing well. I feel like a lot has happened since the beginning of the year and a lot is still going on. I feel like everyday is a reminder that some people are having a great 2020 while others might be having a not so great 2020. I would like to encourage us all that no matter what we have faced so far or currently facing this year, God is still good, He loves us regardless and He is always with us. 

The emotion I want to channel this week.”

That was the caption I sent to my writing team at the beginning of the month. To help encourage others especially with 2020 being a roller coaster of a year so early. Little did I, or anyone imagine that there will be a global pandemic in our hands very shortly after. A pandemic that has affected so many people, of different classes, races and religion. A virus that is spreading at an unexpected rate, bringing health and economic consequences in its path. I have no doubt that we will survive this, however a lot of things might never be the same again.

One can practice social distancing by social media engaging – with the help of my team, I did a Q&A session on how I have been affected so far and other associated thoughts.

When did you first hear about the covid 19 and what were you doing?

I think it was the beginning of March and I can’t remember what I was doing. lol. 

Did you take it seriously at first? If not why?

I took it seriously but I never knew it would get to the U. S or the city where I live. It sounded so far away at first but once it hit Italy, I was like nah! This virus ain’t playing with no body, anyone can have it and not know they have it. (that’s the scary part).


How has it directly impacted you, work? Family? Friends? 

Thank God my family and friends are safe and healthy. My work however isn’t so safe. Idk how long I will be able to go into work even if my job is classified as an essential activity. Last week I was told not to come in for 2 days and I won’t lie, I got a little anxious. I wasn’t anxious about bills that needed to be paid (I already know God is taking care of those). I was anxious because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had time but didn’t know what to do with it. I had ideas on what to do but I wanted to do them all at once, plus I didn’t know what to do first.  I wished I had a job that allowed me to work from home so I can also join the #WFH bandwagon. I felt bad for maybe not making the right choices when it came to my job. I felt a whole lot of emotions and random thoughts crossed my mind. Covid 19 has me thinking about the future and is pushing me to take steps towards the things I really want to do. I am taking those steps with God, learning new skills and improving the skills I already have.

Are you concerned that this could get worse before it gets better? 

If we don’t fully shut down for at least 2 weeks, it might get worse. In my opinion I think we shut down for 2 weeks and give people a break from bills. No pay, no bills, just like France. I think this will help people actually stay home and prioritize their health. I think some people are still working because they have to put food on the table and pay bills but if there were no bills temporarily, more people will stay home knowing they don’t have to worry about their rent or mortgage . This is what I would do if I was the president but it most likely won’t happen. America is a predominantly capitalist society. Never say never though. 

What lesson has this pandemic taught you? 

I honestly don’t know yet. I still feel anxious and I keep thinking; am I using my time wisely and doing the right things? I have already had two fights with my brother. I am practicing to take each day as they come and focus on what I can accomplish each day. Idk what I have learnt so far maybe I will very soon.

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What advice will you give your audience or following regarding this pandemic amidst many stay at home orders?

In regards to advice, I would say don’t worry or be anxious. God is constantly providing our needs and all is well. Prioritize your health over wealth, if you can, this is tough but for now I would say health over wealth. In regards to what you can start, if you are WFH, home from school. You could spend time with your family and get to know them better, read more and learn a new skill if possible. I am still figuring out what to do myself but those are the only things I know for now that I am working on.

If/when the pandemic resides, do you think society will ever be able to truly go back to normal? 

I think a lot will change. I can’t list of them but a lot will change for the best. A lot of people will be challenged like myself to improve on their skills or learn a new skill in anticipation for the changes to come. No pressure though if you don’t know which direction to go but take your time, don’t rush into anything. 

Bored in the house?

Thank you for reading and I hope you are entertained and encouraged. Please feel free to use the questions above to comment on how you have been affected and do check out my other content on (various social media platforms)

All is well. We are a resilient species, created by God in His image and we will rise from this eventually. Our prayers continually go to all. 

Now you can go back to your “bored in the house, bored in the house, bored.” TikTok.

****Majority of us have smart phones. Please research what the most recent CDC or WHO news and guidelines are to keep you aware and beware of fake news and hoaxes. 

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